There was never any doubt about whose side Boogie was on. But by posting a photo with fellow Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, the Shady Records artist sends a strong message about his alliances.

The photo is a still from the documentary “Noisey”, a project by Vice correspondent Zach Goldbaum that delves into some of the most vibrant music scenes worldwide. The documentary explores how music resonates differently in various cultures. In Compton, the birthplace of the gangsta rap movement in the 1980s, Goldbaum interviewed Kendrick Lamar, who continues to address the same issues that plagued Compton over two decades ago.

In the background of a still from the documentary, hiding in plain sight, is Westside Boogie himself.

However, Boogie didn’t emphasise the meaning behind the picture or voice his opinion on Kendrick’s ongoing beef with Drake. He chose to caption a photo with a casual “Love the homies ..also love y’all how yall been ?”

It’s important to note that Boogie’s connection with the homies goes beyond friendship. He collaborated with Kendrick on his latest album, “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers”. This marked a significant milestone for Westside Boogie, as it was his first venture into co-writing lyrics for another artist.

Boogie talked about this experience to Variety after the song he worked on, “Purple Hearts”, was released:

It feels amazing. One, because everybody knows that’s one of my favourite rappers of all time. Also, it’s a big leap for me — writing for somebody. I never co-wrote. … My boy Justice blessed me with the opportunity and trusted me. […] I was doing my little parts at home, and I didn’t tell my homies what I was doing. It’s a little more free when you’re doing it for somebody else. Because as artists, we get trapped in the mind of the artist we’re supposed to be, or how people already see us as. So we do them same type of records because it’s safe. But when it’s for somebody else, you can do whatever.

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