2023 was a busy year for Boogie. Some events of his life were out there for the fans to see, and some were more private.

Having dropped the Deluxe version of “More Black Superheroes” in November 2022, Boogie spent much of this year on the road, touring Europe, with occasional shows in other parts of the road. He released a new EP, did promo work and received his first RIAA gold plaque. But he was also worried about maintaining equilibrium and taking care of his son and his mental health.

So, the Compton rapper kicked a new year off with a new freestyle, musing on his past and looking into the future. Laying it over a supercut of 2023 videos, Boogie introduced the track with this message on his Instagram account:

Last year was the first year where I felt like balancing being a dad and a rapper got so hard ..at times I was hella overwhelmed because I felt like I wasn’t being the best version of either…This year I just wanna realign my focus , let go of what I can’t control , and hold my self accountable..be easy my niggaz we outside this year ..Love yall

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