The Shady Records artist went on stage with Kendrick during his recent Pop Out concert to share West Coast camaraderie.

Kendrick’s epic Juneteenth celebration ended with “Not Like Us”, a scathing diss against Drake, performed six times in a row. Dr. Dre kicked the first one off with a sinister “I see dead people” and left. On the third run, the stage’s long runway started filling in with homies, fellow rappers, and dancers, bringing the true party atmosphere. Westside Boogie was up there, dancing and singing along to the tune.

All of this was caught on cameras, and later, seeing a screenshot of a moment when Kendrick hugged him on stage, Boogie was overwhelmed with emotions. He reposted a picture, adding:

Bro I’m finna cry

Of course, dancing on stage was not all Boogie did on stage that night. He had his own slot, performing “Silent Ride”, a track fron his debut album “Everythings For Sale” released in 2019 through Shady Records.

This was an unforgettable night that will be remembered by everybody who was lucky enough to be there in person and by many who watched it at home.

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