The Detroit Tigers’ new City Connect uniform promo video just dropped, and it’s a full-blown Motor City love fest featuring none other than Marshall himself.

It opens and closes with the footage of Eminem, the ultimate Detroit icon, setting things in motion and observing the results. Between Em’s appearances, the video takes viewers on a breathtaking tour of Detroit, showcasing its vibrant energy and rich history. A powerful narration highlights Detroit’s resilience and unwavering spirit.

The promo features a segment filmed at the Michigan Theater, a historic downtown landmark built atop Henry Ford’s first workshop. This location might look familiar – it’s the exact spot where the iconic parking lot rap battle scene from “8 Mile” was filmed.

Now, the surrounding area is a far cry from the gritty depiction in “8 Mile”. The video showcases a revitalised Detroit, bustling with young local artists rapping in a parking lot, captivating an enthusiastic crowd. It’s a powerful symbol of the city’s growth and transformation.

This contrast between the “8 Mile” scene and the present-day footage seems deliberate. It’s a message of hope and progress, highlighting how far Detroit has come.

While some fans might be upset with Eminem’s seemingly small part in the promo, his influence has, in fact, structured the whole story.

Eminem’s involvement in the video is a powerful symbol. He embodies Detroit’s rise to prominence, a testament to the city’s ability to nurture and celebrate its own.

Watch the video below:

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