Griselda’s Westside Gunn is arguably the best connected man in the game right now. He revealed recently that he became friends with Kanye West and both are cooking something together.

We have seen pictures of Kanye at Griselda show and backstage with them but their relationship is closer, Westside Gunn told to Tidal’s Elliott Wilson. They talk on the phone every other day and they were going to lock into the studio in Cabo together but instead, they are locked in their respective homes. Still, this project is not cancelled, just postponed, he said:

We just stay in touch and we just buildin’, man. So, me and Ye, we about to be working. You know, it’s wild. He’s not doing no swearin’ or nothing like that on records no more. All that shit is true. I heard the new project that nobody heard. Crazy, it’s crazy. Much respect to ‘Ye. Even though he’s not cursing, it still sounds dope. The production is still crazy.

Watch him talking about this and his upcoming album “Pray For Paris”:

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