Signed by Kendrick Lamar, Reason enjoys his success but he also notices that it brings some tensions between him and other rappers.

Reason sat down for a 3-hour long conversation with Joe Budden where among other things he mused over Griselda’s way to build relationship inside the industry and with their own label.

It started with a recent tweet from Westside Gunn that was seen as many as a clear, although deliberately vaguely posted indication of his dissatisfaction with Shady Records management.

Joe Budden stated that he objected this way of communicating, by posting emojis on social media. He believes that it is alright to clearly say what you feel about the situation. Reason laughed at this situation with all the crew, which provoked the question about how he personally felt about Griselda and, apparently, TDE’s rapper did not exactly take all the unit equally kindly.

I’m cool with Benny, that’s the only one of them that I truly listen to, I’ll be honest with you. And one of them is known for their ad-libs, I think that’s Westside [Gunn], I’m not a hundred per cent sure. […] I do get what he’s saying as far as how many projects they putting out. But it’s also not about the quantity though, it’s about the classics, in my opinion.

It is apparent that with this attitude Reason cannot be counted as Griselda’s best friend and there is certainly an underlying tension between two camps. This tension manifests not only in how Westside, as per Reason’s definition, has been “throwing little darts at [TDE] for a minute”. It also noticeable in how teams are ready, or not, to work together. And as Reason explained, Griselda is not up to it:

We was all supposed to rap at Apple. Griselda was going up there and I was supposed to go up there and rap with them. I hit Benny, they said it was cool, and then they said the studio didn’t have the capacity for another rapper.

After laughing out loud at this shaky excuse with Joe Budden and his co-hosts, Reason added that this attitude reflects a certain mindset in the industry that he is not happy about:

That’s to me that’s what’s missing in the game. I don’t think that niggas like make cross moments like that no more. Like, it’s not about the moment of hip-hop, I feel like it’s more about the benefit of where you’re trying to go. And that’s something I’m trying to push against in my career. I try to go with the moments, what’s going to be remembered as a hip hop moment.

Watch the video below:

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