There are only two hip hop releases in the UK’s Top 40 albums of 2023, and both belong to Eminem.

And both are his greatest hits compilations, as are most entries on the annual ranking. “Curtain Call:The Hits” resides in the Top 10, rated No.7 on the chart.

This ranking corresponds with the album’s consistently confident chart performance throughout the year. “Curtain Call: The Hits” left the UK official album chart for one week in late April, breaking its 330-week-long chart run only to return into the Top 10 and never drop out of the Top 20 since.

“Curtain Call 2” sits at No.31 on the annual chart. It might not impress you much until you realise that no other hip hop albums in the UK sold more than that. Or even sold enough to make it to the Top 40.

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