Eminem and Skylar Grey at Abu Dhabi, 25.10.2019 📸 @paulawyf
Eminem and Skylar Grey at Abu Dhabi, 25.10.2019 📸 @paulawyf

The singer/songwriter who recorded nine songs with Eminem and wrote even more for him celebrates her birthday.

Speaking about the woman who gave him and the world “Love the Way You Lie” and “I Need a Doctor”, Eminem praised Skylar’s talent:

Let me say this. And I know I tell this to her all the time. I’ve had the privilege of working around a lot of fucking talents. It’s still crazy to me sometimes when I’m working with Dre, and I’m looking at Dre like, “You’re fucking Dr. Dre”. The Skylar is one of.., she’s definitely…, she has to be…, I don’t know how to say that! “Top 5 of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with”? But I’ve worked with so many talented people. But the rate of speed that she works at… A) being able to write it, and b) being able to sing it and to sing it that powerful… She’s an amazing talent. She wears a lot of different hats. She’s able to approach songs from the angles that I didn’t see coming.
And also hit notes that I’m like, “What the fuck?! I didn’t expect it to go there!” And then it’s like, it was weird to me, and then the second time I hear it – I love it. She’s amazing, and her talent level is off the charts.

Skylar Grey posted today on her Instagram:

It doesn’t matter how old I am today. In my mind it’s still 1996.