The popular perception is that Eminem has become a father figure for Nasaan after the tragic death of his father, Marshall’s closest friend Proof.

Nasaan shared words of encouragement from Eminem, and the fans saw photos of them together. So considering how little trace Marshall leaves outside of what is necessary, the fans believe that these two are really close. Apparently, it is far from reality.

The young Detroit rapper opened up about his relationship with Eminem in a short Q&A session on his Instagram. Nasaan wanted to learn about his fans’ perception of him, and the question about Eminem popped up, suggesting that Em might be like a second dad for Saan. The answer is “no”, says the rapper:

Nah. I love and appreciate him, but he is far from me. He is super distant. I’ve got to talk to him through somebody else. I guess I understand it tho. He’s a superstar.

Just another confirmation of how intensely private Eminem is. Yet still, he finds time to let Nasaan know how he appreciates his music and believes in him as an artist. And soon, we will hear him on a joint with Nasaan.

Watch the video below:

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