Nasaan confirmed future collabo with Eminem

When Eminem lost his best friend, Nasaan lost his father. But he still has Marshall to go to when he needs emotional support.

That much became apparent from a recent Nasaan’s tweet:

so crazy cuz i feel old af (22) and get mad i’m not a megastar but then ill talk to Em and he’ll be like “Man, i wish i was where you were when i was your age or that advance musically”

Shit makes me feel alottttttttt better

Marshall is a real family man, the man who uses his experience to support and protect those around him. Eminem talked in the interview with Rolling Stone before that this desire stems from his difficult childhood.

Two adopted children, a younger brother who he had in legal custody until the boy came to age, the best friend’s son, his friends – they all are lucky to have him have their backs.

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