The Atlanta rapper dropped his Shady Records debut this night.

The 17-track long album features Grip’s fellow Atlanta artists as well as Eminem and Royce da 5’9.

1. Enter Stage Right
2. And The Eulogy Read!? (Ft. Wiley from Atlanta)
3. Hands Up!
4. IDFT!?
5. Momma Told Me!
6. Placebo (Ft. Royce da 5’9″)
7. Gutter! (Ft. Wara)
8. JDDTTINT!? (Ft. Dead Cassettes)
9. A Soldier’s Story?
10. Walkthrough! (Ft. Eminem)
11. The Lox! (Ft. Tate228)
12. Enem3? (Ft. Big Rube)
13. ConMan? (Ft. Ahyes)
14. Glenwood Freestyle!
15. At What Cost?
16. Patterns?
17. Pennies… Exit Stage Left!? (Ft. Kaynellz & Kenny Mason)

It is a groundbreaking album for Grip, the album that would not probably see the light of the day if not for Eminem. Grip testifies to it on “A Soldier’s Story?”:

Is this really what I want? Am I still in love with dis game?
Tigg called like, nigga, Eminem just said your shit was flames
Then me and Em hopped on a call and it all seemed fitting
Just a couple days from quittin’
And the rest is unwritten

Listen to the album below:

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