Eminem’s beats, GRIP’s lyrics and delivery — whatever these two are cooking, we need it right now.

The Atlanta storyteller shared exciting news through his social media account, declaring:

Just got a pack from Marshall👀

His followers got the hint right, but one of them decided to clarify, especially after all these videos of celebrities filming his new pasta sauce. To the direct question of whether it was a pack of beats or spaghetti, GRIP responded:

Would you actually say a “pack” of spaghetti sauce?

No, we would not. So, it’s official. The Shady Records artist is going to rap on Eminem’s beat. There’s no more info, but it is enough to make some strong assumptions. When Eminem raps on features for his artists to put on their albums, he uses their beats, only touching up on the production of his verse. That was the case with the most recent feature for Ez Mil, and that was the case with a feature for GRIP’s Shady Records debut album.

Now, these are Eminem’s beats, and it suggests that he is working on his own project. Yes, he works on his own projects all the time, day in and day out, and we rarely hear or see the outcome. But now, the fruit of his labour is actually out in the world, and other artists are invited to participate. It means he is close to revealing a new project to the public.

Against the backdrop of his recent out-of-studio activities, it does look like we can expect new music from Marshall at some point, maybe next year.

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