The first collaboration between Eminem and Shady Records artist Grip is released on his inaugural album.

In his livestream with ePro Grip said that “Walkthrough!” was the most challenging track on the album for him to write because he knew that he was creating the track for Em, tailoring it specifically for the artist who has influenced him and who is famous for bodying everyone he jumps on a track with:

When I figured out that Em was gonna jump on some shit, I was trying to scramble and make a song. All the songs were pretty much complete, and I didn’t want to just throw him on some track that’s already done. I pretty much had to make a song from scratch for him to be on. I had to pick which beat I could hear him on and all of that shit. It was cool, though. It was cool, but that was probably the most challenging. And then I’m like, “Damn, it’s Eminem. I gotta come with that shit because if I don’t, he’s going to fucking annihilate me”. I feel like he’s gonna go hard regardless, but I just had to craft something dope for him. It was almost like cooking for a chef.

In his turn, talking about Grip recently, Eminem mentioned that he signs to his label artists that pose a challenge, that can push his pen further. So there is no doubt that Marshall took his verse seriously. And this is what he came up with:

Sometimes I wonder really what did my closed head injury do
I’m literally missin’ a screw, but it seems like my memory’s too vivid to forget the shit I been through (Yeah)
So as my residuals grew, I remember those kids that were cruel
Same individuals at Elizabeth Little
And I essentially used them as the fuel
Who would’ve knew what a pencil could do, those so mentally screwed
They said “Marshall, you’re either gonna wind up dead or in a penitentiary
‘Cause eventually you’ll end up clinchin’ a tool
And come back ‘vengefully to shoot them bullies who clowned you in elementary school”
Yeah, my head, something’s wrong with it (Yeah)
But that makes me me, I’m different (Yup)
That lyrical phenom misfit
Since I was a bleach blonde who hear the beat hung
This bitch makes me only think of demonic shit
I was knockin’ on death’s door, I fucking ding-dong ditched it
Yeah, and I don’t do that sing-song bitch shit
And I don’t use autotune, all I do is spit, and this shit just bothers you
Call it quits bitch, impossible
My pen just popped your thought-balloon
You dipshits know how I’ma do is
Send a motherfucking beat to the trauma-unit
Yeah, Shady Records
Look at all these squad killers we brought with us
Juggernauts and godzillas, you don’t rock with us you’re off of your rockers
Bitch, back to the wall
Is it always, is why I’m not talkin’ about wallets and knots
When I say that the wall it is not against
It’s more like the cross
Look at how far this is past you
Regardless you want me to reach a fuckin’ bar that does not exist
No pun intended, but GRIP, hold on to this moment
‘Cause soon as you reach the top, they gon’ want you to fall from it
So you better grab your seatbelt
Like I did mine, and fasten yours
Like a motherfucking plane-crash passenger
‘Cause one day you’ll be crashing back to earth
And if you don’t ever stop to smell the roses
I do know one thing, that’s for sure
You don’t get your flowers ’til you pushin’ up daisies
And that’s about all your ashes earn

Listen to Grip — “Walkthrough!” feat. Eminem below and leave the comment to let us know what you think:

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