GRIP showcases his lyrical skills over Kanye’s track as a promotional strategy for his latest album, “STILL (5 & A F*** You)”.

The newest Shady Records’ signee showed up to a recent “A Trip To The Corner Store” episode, and showed what he’s capable of. The ethereal beat, birthed for Kanye by seven producers listed on the credits, worked as a contrasting backdrop for GRIP’s persistent pressure.

He was precise and brutal until the first stumble, which gave him a possibility to promote the latest album and his own social media.

The support GRIP gets from the label and Eminem for “STILL (5 & A F*** You)” is more pronounced than that for his previous mixtape “5 & A F*** You”, so hopefully more people will pay attention for GRIP’s voice, exceptional both musically and lyrically.

Watch the video below:

And for those who missed the chance to see GRIP live, he’s having an additional show in Dallas to compensate for a previous cancellation:

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