Dr. Umar is relentless in his pursuit to spew nonsense under the pretense of defending the Afrikan origins. Just take a look at his rant in response to MC Shan, Ed Lover and DJ Akademiks defending Eminem as one of the GOATS in hip-hop:

My Dear Brother Ed, are you serious? You question my credentials and as to where I earned my doctoral degree because I stand, unapologetically, in defense of Afrikan culture against co-optation, usurpation and colonization by outsiders. I’m not the expert on hip-hop but I am an expert on the exploitation of Black culture by non-Afrikans. I said what I said and I meant every word of it. I’m pretty sure Mr. Mathers can speak for himself. He doesn’t need Negro Gate Keepers voluntarily playing defense attorney without being asked to do so. I never questioned the man’s talent, I rejected any attempt to anoint him as the G.O.A.T. I never personally insulted him. Your comments about Fat Joe and Big Pun make absolutely no sense as being Puerto Rican is a nationality, and being Latino is an ethnicity. Being Afrikan is a Race, and most Latinos are genetically of Afrikan origin.

Negro Gate Keepers, bro are you serious? What the f*** are you talking about?! Can anybody else even stand this crap or is it just me whose intelligence is being insulted right now? And what’s this shit about colonization? Is he saying that the whole world is the Afrikans’ playground? Because that’s the geographic of modern hip-hop. Bottom line: Afrikans started it, and then it is being constantly perfected, so with time the artistry becomes better, and it’s fair to say that Eminem in his perfectionism of hip-hop belongs in the Hall of Fame with all the GOATS that came before him, and will come after him. Period. Sorry for this rant, let’s see what else this whackodoodle had to say:

As far as your comments that “Hip-Hop is for everybody,” and that you “consider Eminem a friend,” and that you “know how hard he works,” sounds like some of that same old colorblind rhetoric that has allowed Black culture and community to be exploited by outsiders as far back as we can remember. Perhaps, you should have been as vocal when Eminem was exposed years ago for putting out racist lyrics about our Black Women. Where was all this passion then, Mr. Lover?

No comments 😀 this is just some rare bullshit gems, bare with us people 🙂

Let’s just see what Ed Lover had to say in response to this:

The culture of hip-hop music was not meant to belong to any one ethnicity. Many people contributed to the existence and popularity of the music that gave most of a chance to be something we could never have imagined being. Matter of fact two white boys gave us Yo! MTV Raps! The late Ted Demme and the late Peter Dougherty. Rick Rubin contributed greatly to the evolution of hip-hop and so did the Beastie Boys! I will disagree with you respectfully Dr Umar. But I will always protect everyone’s rights to be great at hip-hop!

Ed speaks the truth. But nothing can stop this Negro ‘Keymaster’ 😀 Pun intended with all my heart 🙂 Let’s see what else the Doctor had to say, STAY WITH HIM!

To my dear elder MC Shan, I grew up listening to you, just as I spent my high school years listening to Ed Lover on “Yo! MTV Raps.” Unfortunately, I must respectfully disagree with both of you elders. And I must admit that it hurts my heart to see two icons rush to the defense of a non-Afrikan without him needing to utter a single word. Your comments that, “Eminem got in this culture because he was as ghetto as the rest of them mother*******,” and that “Snow is as ghetto as I am,” clearly show that we as a people still haven’t grasped a true understanding of White Privilege and how it operates in America. Additionally, “He mentioned me on the Grammy’s,” is a personal issue that has nothing to do with the protection of our culture. Your comments, “Dr. Umar I know you’re on this Black culture thing but you jumpin’ on the wrong thing,” “Eminem was no Mark Zuckerberg,” “his plight was just as f***** up as some of in the Black community,” were absolutely ridiculous and clearly shows that slave plantation protectionism politics still thrives within the hearts of the descendants of the enslaved.

Yes, NOBODY can stop the Keymaster’s madness! 😀

Dr. Umar found words of ‘wisdom’ and ‘clarity’ for DJ Akademiks as well:

You can’t compare rap to golf Akademiks because the latter has a clearly defined criteria for a championship and is not a cherished aspect of Afrikan culture. Yes, we certainly did invent the golf tee and if you’ve ever read a history book you might know that. Bunnyhoppin’ for the white Jesus of rap isn’t a good look on my Jamaican Afrikan family so please cut it out ninja. You come from the land of The Most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey so please start acting like it.

Dr. Umar is sounding less like a doctor and more like a priest and nobody wants to preach to his choir. Good luck to you Mr. Umar, and we hope you find some reason in between the lines of the history books you read.

To take a break from the Keymaster’s rant, here’s reassurance of why we have all the rhyme and reason to call Eminem the GOAT in hip-hop:

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