When ‘Stan’ dropped in 2000 it became one of Eminem’s most enduring hits. There’s a big difference, however, between a great track and one with real cultural impact. ‘Stan’ was both and the word quickly went into common use. It may have taken 17 years but the word has gained official recognition, Eminem credits and all.

The era-defining song from “The Marshall Mathers LP” has joined a 1 Billion Club on the streaming platform.

Released as the third single for the album, “Stan” has become Em’s ninth song to earn this significant streaming milestone. Its captivating storytelling and state-of-the-art production have made the song one of the most influential and recognisable numbers from Marshall’s catalogue. Its beats have inspired multiple artists to lay over their own music (Rae Sremmurd, Millyz, and Drake being the most recent examples), and the lyrics dared to investigate and challenge the pop-idol culture, adding a new term to the Oxford dictionary.

“Stan” is not the most streamed Em’s song, but it is never too far from the top, getting a consistent stream of interest from the everchanging audience coming from all walks of life.

So, now the list of all Marshall’s entries to the 1 Billion Club looks as follows:

“Lose Yourself” — 1.97 billion
“Without Me” — 1.86 billion
“‘Till I Collapse” — 1.8 billion
“The Real Slim Shady” — 1.56 billion
“Mockingbird” — 1.41 billion
“Love The Way You Lie” — 1.33 billion
“Godzilla” — 1.26 billion
“Rap God” — 1.01 billion
“Stan” — 1 billion

Watch Eminem — “Stan” MV below:

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