A rapper from Massachusetts released a song heavily influenced by “Stan”, more than that, his song shares the same hook with MArshall’s hit.

Millyz has been releasing his main album’s sequels every year lately. For his next, “Blanco 6”, the rapper prepared a big juicy bit of hip hop history. Several days ago, Millyz announced on his Instagram:

WE CLEARED THE “STAN” SAMPLE!!! 🤯🤯😤🚀 DROPPIN 3/9!!! Salute to the 🐐

And then added in the comment section:

I shot a video to it just to put on YouTube, never thought we’d get it cleared! Anything’s possible!! BLANCO 6 4/7/23

However, the recognisable segment over which Millyz his own lyrics raps in the video is taken from Dido’s “Thank You”. Marshall and DJ Mark The 45 King, who produced “Stan”, cleared it with Dido before release. Dido remembers a personal and humble letter she received from Eminem when he asked for permission:

I just got a letter saying, “We heard your track. We love it. We’d like to use it for this track ‘Stan’. Can you take a listen? I hope you like it and can we use your song?” It was completely out of the blue. I put it on like, “I wonder what he could have done”. You just don’t know. And I was a big Eminem fan, so it was pretty cool. And then I heard it. I remember because I had some friends staying in the same hotel. They were literally running down the hall, like “You gotta listen to this; it’s just brilliant!”

So, we are not arguing with Millyz calling Eminem GOAT, but technically – this is not a “Stan” sample, and producers who cleared it are very well aware of this fact. It is not even that difficult to get permission to use the sample, over 30 artists have done it officially by now. However, the audience Millyz is after probably associates Dido’s melodic lines only with the “Stan” hook.

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