Only three rappers have nine songs as lead artists with over 1 billion streams, and Eminem is one of them.

Technically, he has been in the Top 3 artists with the most over 1B songs before that, and the gap between these three and Kendrick Lamar, who follows them as No.4 on the list, is vast. Yet now, with “Stan” crossing into the 1 billion streams territory, the Top 3 hs become even in numbers. If we count features, then Drake would have had two more tracks than either Eminem or XXXTENTACION. Still, taking into account the songs under their name only, we can celebrate this moment in history.

Here are the top 10 hip hop artists with a number of songs over 1 billion streams on Spotify as lead artists:

1. Drake — 9
2. Xxxtentacion — 9
3. Eminem — 9
4. Kendrick Lamar — 5
5. Travis Scott — 4
6. Juice WRLD — 3
7. Kanye West — 3
8. J Cole — 3
9. Nicki Minaj — 3
10. Lil Nas X — 3

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