The singer/songwriter explains her radio silence and gives an update on the album progress.

In April, Skylar lrt her followers know that she started working on her new album. Considering, that she had done six songs by the announcement, it is evident, that the hitmaker does not want to parade every detail on her social media before the work is done and is going to keep cards close to her chest. Understandable.

Ever since her social media post were short and casual, not really touching on her creative process. However, recently Skylar explained this choice reminding us that her creative work is her priority:

I’ve been pretty in-active on socials lately. That’s because I’m ultra focused on making an album. My posting will probably be limited to announcements until I’m done. So if you want to be first to know of any updates, click the 3 dots here and turn on your post notifications. 🤍