Benzino Rap Elvis Music Video LOL

Benzino pushes on, but he’s still far off from MGK.

While Benzino might be trying to stir the pot, it feels more like a weak attempt to stay relevant than a genuine threat.

[Benzino Bags a Punch in New Eminem Diss Track. “Rap Elvis” Review]

Watch it now, then check out Eminem’s reaction after watching Benzino’s music video.

Here’s the thing: Benzino filming this video in Detroit, Eminem’s stomping ground, reeks of desperation. It’s a transparent attempt to grab attention by provoking Slim Shady on his home turf. The real question is: will Em even acknowledge it? Our guess is he’ll be too busy laughing (or maybe cringing) to waste any bars on this.

This is how we imagine Eminem would react to Benzino’s latest creation:

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