Benzino Bags a Punch in New Eminem Diss Track. Review

Benzino claims that he’s been “mastering his craft” and that after the feat of putting out “Rap Elvis”, he is “in his prime” and finally ready to battle Eminem face-to-face in a knock-out rap battle.

The founder of “The Source” magazine sat down fro an online interview with TMZ Hip Hop and discussed the recent hip-hop beefs and how they’ve become much softer than they were back in the day. One of the highlights of this discussion was the recent apology of J. Cole for his jabs at Kendrick Lamar. Benzino gives his take, and praises Coles character for being humble and not materialistic, and explains that these kinds artists are not necessarily battle rappers or that they were not born with a battle rap mentality, unlike him and Eminem:

Seeing Coles speech about his beef during one of his shows, Benzino is not far from the truth:

As for his own Eminem beef, Benzino proclaimed that he’s ready to go head-to-head with his lifetime nemesis, Slim Shady, and is ready to hug it out afterwards, regardless of whether he wins or loses. However, he implied that because of his current state of ‘being in his prime’ and mastering his battle skills, putting out the Rap Elvis diss, he’s ready to do some real damage. So he challenged Eminem to a battle, right there, during the TMZ interview:

Benzino says his Eminem beef originates from the special treatment Shady received from MTV and other media outlets for being white during a time when black artists gained little recognition.

When Eminem came out I felt like the white culture was taking on to black people because of hip hop and I just felt that the powers that be that were pulling the strings.. He got to do all the stuff that other rappers couldn’t do while we were trying to break through and just because the color of his skin he’s able just to walk through the door, and we’re still left outside.

At one point in the interview Benzino even admits to blocking Em’s 2004 album “Encore” from being featured in “The Source”. But that was at the point when their beef was all guns-blazing.

Benzino relentlessly swears he’s not racist and that people who accuse him of that are very far from the truth. His only concern is that white artist would not cast a shadow over other equally talented black hip hop artists.

We don’t need a white rapper to be looked upon as the greatest white rapper over all these other black guys a hundred years from now when they look at history and they say “Well, who sold the most?” They say “Well, Eminem.” But then, you know everybody else isn’t even going to be in history or even interested. Same thing with Elvis.

Benzino shared that he’s keeping busy with making music and venturing into other creative projects like recently joining N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN as “Drink Champs’ first-ever guest host in an interview with the famed hip hop veteran MC Eiht.

But anytime Eminem comes knocking on his door for a battle, he’s ready to oblige his long-time “pal”.

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