Benzino is determined to ride his dead horse into the ground. And he is doing it publicly in Detroit.

Videos circulating online show Benzino in a baffling display at the Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant. First, there’s the theatrics: tasting the spaghetti with a grimace, then dramatically tossing it aside. Next, he’s stealing an A-board from outside the restaurant. And then disappears into the merch shop.

He used customers and a shop assistant covertly without explaining his goals. And Benzino only managed to achieve this because nobody had a clue who he was. A boy, who was operating a check out that day and appeared in the frame side by side with Benzino, explained what had happened in the comment section:

hi, I’m the guy in the video. his crew just told him to take a pic with me without asking me. I thought he was a fan so I was like cool. even after all this, I still don’t know who this guy is.

What is this desperate attempt to stay relevant? This stunt serves as the backdrop for Benzino’s “Rap Elvis” music video, which follows his response to Eminem’s joke on “Doomsday Pt. 2” with Lyrical Lemonade. While Benzino’s track has been seriously compromised since his admission that he had help writing it, and his own ghostwriters are trying to sell a studio tape that confirms it, Zino just has nothing new to offer and is not ready to calm down. He would do anything to extract any type of reaction from Marshall.

Benzino, ever the self-promoter, hyped the video shoot with an Instagram post: “Mark this date. #Rapelvis Video soon come……oh the spaghetti was horrible”.

Will this desperate ploy for attention spark a response from Eminem? It’s highly unlikely. So far, Slim Shady hasn’t wasted any bars on Benzino, leaving him simmering in his own sauce.

Silence can be deafening.

However, knowing that Marshall’s album is coming out this year, we can probably expect a couple of clever jokes at Zino’s expense. But it will be done on Em’s own terms, regardless of how hard Benzino tries to play equals with rap God.

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