Visuals for a Benzino diss that also denies his daughter any possible features with Marshall provoked two very different reactions from the members of one family.

Doomsday pt.2” finally got a spectacular video from Cole Bennett. So, Benzino immediately used this to stoke the dying flames of his beef with Eminem and once again declare his victory. It took him several hours to put together a screenshot, a snippet from a song with that one line that mentions his name, and a hilariously outrages claim. Benzino decided to pass a video delayed for weeks for Marshall’s response to Zino’s diss tracks. He posted the result of his valiant efforts on Instagram:

He finally responded‼️🤣😂🤣😄 can someone tell me what in the plastic surgery happened to his face?? He looks like a waking corpse. Nah…this ain’t it. RAP ELVIS DESTROYED @eminem 🤡👻👹🤣🤣😂

Meanwhile, Benzino’s daughter Coi Leray, whose name was also mentioned in “Doomsday pt.2,” reacted very fast and very briefly. She left a comment on Cole Bennett’s Instagram post with a video release announcement, just one word: “Cute.” Of course, we don’t hear the intonation, and a girl might make even this word sound lethal, but it is evident that Coi is not here to cause the war or to join her father’s vendetta.

Watch Eminem — “Doomsday 2” (Directed by Cole Bennett) below:

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