Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has stepped in to counter the rumours that he ghostwrote Benzino’s latest diss track.

In a snippet of a new song posted on Instagram, Cassidy directly addresses the speculation: “I ain’t ghostwrite Benzino diss; that’s bogus.” This clears his name in the controversy.

The plot thickens with Cassidy’s follow-up line: “In the past, I ghostwrote for the writer that ghostwrote it”. This cryptic message suggests Cassidy might know who the actual ghostwriter is but keeps their identity a secret.

Cassidy was one of the runner-ups for the unhappy position of being Benzino’s ghostwriter as soon as it became obvious that Zino’s pen had never produced anything even close to the quality of “Rap Elvis”, the latest track he claims to be his.

Benzino previously denied using a ghostwriter on Instagram Live, stating, “This is hip hop, bro. I don’t wanna hear that ghostwriter shit. I wrote that shit”. But very few believed him. And even fewer after his ghostwriters tried to sell the original tape to a higher bidder.

The Benzino’s feud with Eminem continues to be a source of entertainment (or annoyance, depending on your perspective). Cassidy’s denial adds a layer of intrigue, leaving fans wondering who the real ghostwriter might be. Stay tuned to see if this saga takes any further unexpected turns.

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