Music Video for Eminem’s “Doomsday PT. 2” Out Now

New album rumours are swirling, finally supported by solid confirmations from the Shady camp. One question is burning brighter than a Parental Advisory sticker: when is Eminem dropping the next masterpiece?

We are just humans and don’t have a confirmed date yet, but let’s have a look at what we can gather from open sources.

First, Dr. Dre spilled the beans – a new Em album is coming this year, 2024. Then Mr. Porter chimed in, saying it’s coming “soon”. Now, “soon” in Shady’s world could be anything from next week to after hibernation season for grizzly bears. At the moment, Marshall is on the announced hiatus. It has been 1531 days since the unexpected drop of “Music to Be Murdered By”. He took longer between albums only after “Encore”. His official hiatus lasted 1645 days. And this is one record we don’t want Eminem to break. But every day without an announced album release date takes us dangerously close to a new milestone.

Lest we forget, if made properly, an album rollout takes time. Remember “Not Afraid”? That monster single dropped almost two months before “Recovery” took over the charts. If Shady Records follows the traditional path, we will see singles drop first, way ahead of the complete project.

At the same time, we all know that Em is not down with the pop star release game. He crafts albums like a diamond cutter – meticulous, precise, ready to slice through the competition.

What does the previous experience say? So far, three out of 11 Marshall’s major label studio albums were released in May. Three in winter, two in November, one in June, and one in August (but it was a surprise drop that didn’t follow any patterns). So, the possibility of a May release looks high. April can be cautiously ruled out — Kanye is expected to drop a new volume of his “Vultures” saga on the first weekend of April. Then Taylor Swift follows on the 19th, reliably blocking everything with her blanket rollout.

All things considered, when can we expect the lyrical onslaught?

The time between April and June seems the most favourable. This prime window aligns with past drops and lets Eminem cook up a summer scorcher.
July-August still remains a possibility, but the suspense might get too drawn out to sustain the general public interest.
Anything after that feels like a long shot, but stranger things have happened before (see: Kamikaze dropping out of nowhere).

The wait is real but trust the process. When Em unleashes this new album, it’s going to be a lyrical Molotov cocktail, exploding onto the scene and setting the whole rap game on fire, as always.

Shady’s back. And when he drops, it will be like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

What do you think? Any theories on the release date? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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