Eminem bought out Detroit’s theatre for fans

The most streamed song from Eminem’s catalogue has earned a new milestone of 1.2 billion plays on the streaming platform.

Released in October 2002 as a lead single for the “8 Mile” original soundtrack, the song became an anthem to resilience and dedication. Universally loved, this song transcends the limitations of the genre and speaks directly to listeners across the globe with very different life experiences. Earlier this year, “Lose Yourself” entered the list of 100 most streamed songs of all time.

So commercial success and longevity of this song are not surprising. Surprising is the views count of 105 million on the official music video for the song. However, it is explained by the fact that it was unlocked on the official Eminem YouTube channel only recently. For years it was unavailable for viewers, letting fan-made visuals amass over 1.1 billion views.

Watch Eminem — “Lose Yourself” below: