Kim Basinger, who mothered Eminem’s character in “8 Mile”, reminds Em about the Mom’s Spaghetti origin.

Last week was marked with an unusual event in Detroit. Eminem opened a small downtown diner called Mom’s Spaghetti. In their interviews, both Em and Paul Rosenberg said how the idea came from joking around that famous line from “Lose Yourself”.

Now it is a booming spot with a waiting time of over 6 hours to be served. While everybody wants their plate of Mom’s Spaghetti, Kim Basinger jokingly reminded Em that it was her recipe, after all.

The famous actress took to her Instagram account to send a quick message on behalf of her 8 Mile character:

Dear Rabbit, I hope you’re behaving yourself. You better get that #spaghetti recipe right.. It took me a long time to perfect it! Love, Mom 💖 @eminem @momsspaghettidetroit