In the ninth episode of her podcast, Hailie Scott Mathers started answering questions her audience had submitted. Can you guess what she gets asked about all the time?

Hailie keeps steadily recording her podcast Just A Little Shady, co-hosted with her childhood friend Brittany. It has a good reach, draws on her vast following and is interesting for a new audience just discovering Hailie. So now Hailie decided to add an AMA section to her episode structure and answer questions she gets on YouTube and Instagram. And her very first response addressed the elephant in the room: Marshall Mathers, a mega-popular and controversial hip hop legend, also known as her dad.

It is not the first time his name comes up on the podcast, but it was always in the context of Hailie’s childhood, it was about him being a loving and supportive father trying to make his daughter feel normal against the backdrop of unflinching media attention, trying to make her childhood fun even when he had to sacrifice family time for hard work. But of course, fans always want to know more, and not everyone has the manners to tell whether or not to ask her about Em.

This is what Hailie has to say:

The first question I feel like I should answer is: Does it bother me when I get asked about my dad? Because a lot of questions were about my dad. The best way to say this is “yes and no”. Super clear. Good “ask me anything” response. /s But honestly, it is to a point. I obviously expect it, and there are certain things I can understand why people are genuinely curious about, as anyone would be when you kind of grown up half in the spotlight. But then once it gets past that point, though, I’m like, I’m a person too. I think I have more to offer than just my dad. It becomes tricky because I get it but to a certain extent. I’m not going to speak on behalf of anyone, I’m not going to answer stuff that I don’t specifically have the answers to. So, yes and no.

Watch the segment below:

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