Hailie says Eminem kept the plan to join 50 Cent on stage secret, even from his family. She only learned about it right before the show, but it didn’t dump her excitement.

Hailie talked about her Sunday evening on the recent Just A Little Shady podcast episode. As her sister Alaina, she also went to see Fifty’s Final Lap tour show in Michigan together with her partner. She appreciated every minute of it, but the moments when she saw her dad coming out were special. She said:

We went to the 50 Cent concert, and I was so freaking happy. I haven’t seen him perform since sixth grade. It’s been so long. First of all, I was so happy because there’s so many bangers that I feel that everybody just forgets about. Like, there’s the club songs, but then there’s so many that you’re like, holy shit! Bop after bop after bop! Also, the actual production of the entire show!.. I’ve never seen that level of production. I mean, pyro, confetti cannons… There is a point, there was one song where pyro went off for the entire song. This is sick. I was not disappointed. And also dad came out. It’s funny when he came out at that Ed Sheeran thing we knew before. [This time] I found out right before. But still, no matter what, I get so hyped! Because I just see the crowd being so happy! There was this guy in front of us; he originally was in our seats, and he was not supposed to be there. So he just climbed over and went in the seats in front of us. He was living his best life the entire time! Thankfully, nobody came to those seats, so he didn’t get kicked out. I was just like, yes! You deserve to be right there. It was the most crowded too and the most hectic I have seen Pine Knob in a long time or ever. Any time I went to a show there, I feel like I’ve not seen that many people. It was insane. So, that was one of my best Sundays in a long time.

Watch the video below:

Eminem x 50 Cent: Detroit Performance, 09/17/2023 (Multiсam, 4K) [Patiently Waiting, Crack a Bottle]:

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