In a new interview, veteran hip hop artists Thirstin Howl the 3rd from Brownsville, Brooklyn, revealed a surprising line up for the 1997 Rap Olympics.

The Brownsville rapper sat down with Bootleg Kev and told him that on the Rap Olympics they didn’t have many artists to go against and why they were paired with a crew from Los Angeles:

I believe it was Project Blowed. They were the only ones that showed up. There was a long roster of teams that were supposed to be there from every popular rap group that was out. Fugees was supposed to have a team, representatives… And nobody showed up. Everybody on my team was a master in freestyling off the head. Juice, Eminem, myself, Wordsworth, Kwest Tha Madd Lad. Sit in the room with us and you fucking get blown. Even Craig G was out there hanging out with us. It was a big moment.

Thirstin Howl talked more about the Olympics in his previous interviews.

Another topic that interested Kevin was how Thirstin Howl felt watching Eminem getting a breakthrough into mainstream. The artist who deliberately stays indipendent throuout his career didn’t provide any hints of a possible drama:

I always believed that. Being around Em man, I knew he was destined. His talent blew everyone away. We had a big mutual respect for what we both were able to do. I knew at any moment something was gonna happen and he was really an actual factual truth. When I credit anyone or anybody in the industry I base everything off skills first. For me skills are first. I don’t care about nothing else. He had the skills to take him there. I was around several artists and I’ve seen them blow up. I’ve seen Mos [Def] and [Talib] Kwelli. I’ve seen them take off and I’ve seen Eminem take off. And all it did was give me hope and showed me that it’s possible. To see the level that Em got into I’m like, I’m next, coming!

Watch the video below:

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