After days of isolation with Covid-19, Grip is out there, posting photos and sharing a new freestyle for Christmas.

Grip keeps info channels carefully separated. He posted a new photo on Instagram, showing off some Stray Society merch:

And then he shared a freestyle on Twitter as a holiday present to his fans. Grip took a beat from a new Nas’s album “Magic” to talk about his own path in hip hop. Gliding over “Wave Gods” Remix by Nas, A$AP Rocky & DJ Premier, Grip remembers how a brush with the law made him more serious about his future and how he eventually got signed to Shady. Sadly, not all of his friends lived to see it happening and Grip make a special point to proclaim:

I’m talkin’ back when loud houses on Memorial drive
That mornin’ I got the call, I’m like “Say it ain’t true”
They killed my nigga a year before my Shady debut
At times I feel at fault ’cause I ain’t blow quicker
And all I can do is pour liquor
I’m so sick of niggas dyin’ before they hit thirty
Keep your rearview mirrors clean, or get dead dirty
And keep a cig like chainsmokers
Seein’ my kids’ kids’ kids is the main focus
Goin’ for number one, no one cares who came closest
The young gunna’ comin’ through
It’s been quite a year, I see you boys 2022

Listen to Grip — “4 for 4” Freestyle below: