Eminem and GRIP 07.02.2021

The newest addition to the Shady Records roster commented on the shift in his schedule.

Grip’s album was not on the list of the records that hip hop fans expected to drop today. There was no promo and no official confirmation on the release date from the label. Yet apparently, the Atlanta rapper had his eyes set on the target.

On Instagram live stream, Grip said that the hitch is with a song too crucial for him to release the album without it. He estimates that everything will be done in a week:

I ain’t going without that song being on my shit. I got a song that gotta be on this shit, bro. I ain’t going without it, so … That shit is a week or so out.

Grip did not comment on what exactly caused the delay. Did he have to work on production longer, or was it again the matter of clearing samples? Hopefully, we will learn more when the album drops.

Watch the video below:

Earlier today, Grip reported on his Twitter account:

Sample cleared 👀

So it was a legality issue. Grip saw the positive outcome incredibly fast, considering how long it might take to get a sample ready for an official release.

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