Due to the number of questions that you send us about the upcoming Eminem’s concert in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), we decided to write this FAQ.

Is anybody from ePro going to the concert in Abu Dhabi?

Of course! We can’t miss it!

Can we cooperate with you?

We would be glad to help you, to give you all information you might need. If you have already purchased tickets to the concert, contact us in social media, and we will send our phone numbers. You can send your questions in email support@eminem.pro

Will your flyers be at a concert in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, we will bring with us welcome flyers for Em. If you want to help and bring a hundred or two, we will be glad. The final file for printing flyers will be published closer to the event date. Usually we distribute from 500 to 1500 such flyers, but only a few live to the concert itself. Therefore, the more there will be, the more interesting it will be. Plus, this is your chance to get into the official photo report from the concert straight to the Eminem website. Photographer Jeremy never sidesteps our flyers.

Will you organize any other event at this concert?

Yes, we will announce it closer to the date.

What types of tickets are selling to Eminem’s concert in Abu Dhabi? How do they differ?

There are two types of tickets (standard tickets and tickets with early entry) in five categories of zones in the stadium: Golden Circle – the zone closest to the stage; General Admission – located behind the Golden Circle; Platform – elevated zone within the zone General Admission; Tree House – selected areas at the edges of the stage with direct access to the Golden Circle area; Suite – dedicated mini-zones for a group of people.

FAQ: Грядущий концерт Эминема в Абу Даби

Tickets prices:
Tree House — 1495.00 AED (Sold Out)
Golden Circle (early entry) — 1295.00 AED
Golden Circle — 995.00 AED
Platform — 795.00 AED
General Admission (early entry) — 595.00 AED
General Admission — 395.00 AED

What is “Early Entry” and what bonuses does it give?

Early Entry is a service included in your ticket that allows you to get to the scene before holders of standard tickets.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are sold officially only on the website Ticketmaster. We do not recommend buying tickets from hands or from other sources, because there is a high risk of buying false tickets and missing a long-awaited event. It will be sad!

How long will the tickets be on sale? I don’t have money now, I want to buy tickets later.

Usually, tickets to Eminem’s concerts are selling very fast, and many concerts are sold out in a few minutes. This concert is not sold out yet, tickets are still on sale. But we recommend strongly to buy as soon as possible. Tickets in good categories will definitely end very soon.

Which ticket is better to buy to be closer to the scene and to see Eminem better?

Take the ticket that you can afford. At this concert, ticket prices are relatively low. The best option is a ticket to Golden Circle with early entry (or if you want to save a little, then without early entry). If you have very good eyesight, then take a ticket to the General Admission zone – cheap and cheerful. Taking early entry for General Admission is, in our opinion, a waste of money. Tickets for the platform are also an interesting option, but it is not clear how it will be organized and whether there will be a visibility bonus from it (it is better to pay for the next category).

How will I get my ticket?

All tickets to the Eminem Concert in Abu Dhabi on October 25th will be electronic. After paying for the ticket, you will receive an email with e-Tickets attached. You need to print it yourself and bring it to the concert. If for some reason you have not received the letter, then you can print tickets in your personal account on Ticketmster. ATTENTION: do not make photos of your tickets or order numbers on the Internet (or, if you really want to brag, at least paint over barcodes and personal information). Someone can use your tickets by scanning the barcode from the photo! All tickets are valid for passage only once!

Who will perform at the opening?

Eminem team has not officially announced the list of guest appearances. It is possible that, as in the Australian tour, the Shady family artists – Boogie and Royce 5’9 – will come to support Marshall.

If I’m under 18, can I get to Eminem’s concert in Abu Dhabi?

We contacted representatives of the Ticketmaster service and asked about age restrictions. The official answer is: “There are no age restrictions for this event, and anyone can attend the event regardless of age with a valid ticket.”

What time will the gates be open for guests?

The stadium gates will open at 18:00 for ticket holders with early entry and at 18:30 for standard tickets.

Do I need to present a passport at the entrance?

Be sure to take an ID card and / or a bank card, which you used to pay for tickets. For VIP tickets (early entry), you must have an identity card with you. Photocopies are not accepted, only originals.

How long will I have to stand in line?

If you want to get to the front rows closer to the stage, then come as early as possible. Of course, it is not necessary to spend the night with tents at the gates of the stadium … The first fans usually arrive at 7-9 in the morning. Holders of tickets to the stands can come an hour before the concert.

What can be carried to the stadium, and what should not be taken?

We told about it in detail in our past reports. Read them: Revival Tour, Leeds, Reading, Glasgow

Can I take a camera with me?

It is forbidden to carry professional cameras, audio or video recorders with you. You can take your phone with you and take pictures or record a video with it if you want. Or you can take one of the compact super-cameras.

We also have a material “Tips for those who want to attend Eminem’s concert”, which we wrote based on our experience of attending such events around the world. Hope this will help you to fulfill your dream.

Eminem live at Wellington 2019 Rapture Tour. Photos by Jeremy Deputat.

Eminem live at Wellington 2019 Rapture Tour. Photos by Jeremy Deputat.