Make your special happy birthday wish to Eminem in the form of a hip-hop verse. Post your record or text verse on twitter and use #RapXmasChallenge hashtag!

Instrumental courtesy of Dansonn Beats

First bar – you’re a star.
Flawless start. It was your forty fifth,
Fort Knox you built using rhymes and beats.
Keep doin’ it, brick by brick, step by step, dozens of stans,
Some alive, some quit. You set a bar, you broke it
With another one. A token of the greatest
They hate you, cause you’ve made it
Composer of great overtures,
Their dream is to walk in your shoes
Like Johnny Cage – even your silence make ‘em rage,
They’re caged within their lean heads,
Filled up with envious steam
To the brim, you beam,
Radiate, emit, emanate,
All they do is hate, hate, hate.
They through lemons
You make lemonade
It was your fate that brought you to this day
MC Mathers, follow the Letters
X-rated, eX-citing,
Insightful, the whole world’s Idol
Now that we have the Roman puzzle solved,
MCMLXXII for the year you were born
Still you impress the world,
From Slim Shady to Encore,
Relapsed and Recovered
And I guess only Shady, brain dead like Jim Brady,
Could go from being Revived to Kamikaze
Oh, shit did I forget what we wanted to say?
Hey, We wish you a happy Birthday!

Rap God is celebrating his bday on October 17th, and this means that we are celebrating #RapXmas! Let’s do it together! We are announcing #RapXmasChallenge. Write a hip-hop verse to congratulate Eminem, & we will publish the best ones!

Also we have a bag full of presents for you! Open then, read and wish Eminem a happy birthday!

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