ePro News 57: Eminem crushes NRA in Nowhere Fast, new music soon and latest Shady moments

ePro News 57: Eminem crushes NRA in Nowhere Fast, new music soon and latest Shady moments

ePRO is back, with a fresh portion portion of Mum’s Spaghetti and all the latest news from Shady. Here we go.

A few days before the music video release for the song River we had the chance to chat with actress Sarah Ashley Toups who played Suzanne – the main character. In an exclusive interview Sarah spoke to us about the process of making the video, how she got the part and her experience of working with Eminem.

The interview took place before the video was released, that’s why we were waiting for Eminem’s team to allow us to publish it. And now you can check it out on our portal. Follow the link.

By the way, the song “River” received golden certification in the US, and also made it platinum in Australia and UK. The music video already has over 69 million views on YouTube.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) named the top-10 best selling artists of 2017. Number one is Ed Sheeran, thanks to his album “Divide” which went beyond multi platinum in 36 countries. Its main single “Shape of you” achieved platinum status in more than 30 countries. Eminem became 5th on the list.

More great news come from the Recording Industry Association of America. On February 28th dozens on Eminem’s songs had got RIAA certification. Eminems signature track “Lose Yourself” became Diamond in the US. This means that it sold over 10 million copies! “Lose Yourself” is the third Eminem single that became Diamond, the two others are “Not Afraid and “Love The Way You Lie”. This accolade makes Eminem the first rapper and the second artist (after Katy Perry) achieve such success.

In total Eminem now has 44 RIAA-certified singles. The overall single sales amount to 107,5 million in the US alone, which makes him the second best selling artist in the US after Rihanna ( who has 121 million). As for album sales, Eminem is on the 31th place in the US with 44,5 million copies sold. His classic “Marshall Mathers LP” and the ” Eminem Show” have Diamond status. Six albums have “multiplatinum” status, and his anniversary “ShadyXV” mixtape is golden. The only albums not certified by RIAA are “Revival” and “Infinite”.

On March 2d Pink started her “Beautiful Trauma” tour. The opening concert was in Phoenix. She performed the song “Revenge” which was recorded with Eminem as a guest artist. Em himself wasn’t couldn’t make it to the stage, however Pink managed to bring shady’s spirit in the form of a Giant rubber doll, maybe she watched too much of Ghostbusters as a child, I don’t know…
The giant Eminem performed his part of the track well. Pink as usual performed her acrobatic stunts, during one of which she even kicked Shady in the face while floating on air.

Other news come from the new Shady Family members. Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine aka “Hall N’Nash”, signed to Shady in the beginning of 2017, have been supposedly working on some project for several months, according to what one of part of the duo told Eminem. We might soon hear new material from the Shady newcomers. Check out some photos in proof (watch video).

Producer FredWreck announced that “Framed” will have a video or an animation made. FredWreck shared this info through his Instagram stories.

On February 27th official photographer for Shady Records Jeremy Deputat published a video in his Instagram stories, with what sounds like an Eminem recording session as background noise. Though it is similar to “Untouchable”, it might be something else! The sound is of very low quality, but it’s possible to discern some words and some of it is definitely not on “Untouchable”. Another interesting thing about it is that Jeremy’s then shortly deleted the video and reuploaded it without any sound. Maybe it’s a track from the upcoming soundtrack of “Bodied”, who knows.

On March 11th Eminem and Kehlani performed «Nowhere Fast» at iHeartRadio Music Awards 2018. Em delivered a message about gun control on that Sunday night. Introduced by fellow Detroit rapper Big Sean and a survivor of the Parkland school shooting named Alex Moscou, the performance was preceded by a politically-charged moment when the audience was asked to join the March for Our Lives on March 24. Although Em stuck to his original lyrics, he kicked off the performance by calling out the National Rifle Association in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fl. He added a new intro verse to his Revival song “Nowhere Fast”. Storming the stage, Em was as passionate as ever as he spit several never heard before lyrics before the first chorus that struck at the wrongs of the current situation in the US. He continues his recent habit of injecting political messages into his awards show appearances, after famously calling out Donald Trump in the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher last October.

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