Mom's Spaghetti: Eminem calls for Slim. Everything Shady during “Kamikaze” debut ? ?

Mom's Spaghetti: Eminem calls for Slim. Everything Shady during “Kamikaze” debut ? ?

Hey! EPRO here and we just can’t stop listening to Eminem’s new album.

Damn, in case you have been living under a rock, Eminem released his new album Kamikaze on August 31st. Surprise, motherfucker!

«Tried not 2 overthink this 1… enjoy», was Em’s message on social media, and it made fans all over the world wreak havoc. It’s now available on all digital platforms. We hope you’re not listening to an unlicensed copy.

Executive producers are Dr. Dre and Slim Shady – as the back of the CD says, and fuck, does this unexpected 10th album sound old school, it’s almost vintage Shady. It’s impossible to get enough of it!

Have you seen its cover? It’s Lt. Mathers sitting in the cockpit of a fighting aircraft and flipping birds to all the critics.

It looks a lot like the «Licensed to Ill» from the legendary Beastie Boys. And it’s Marshall’s tribute to hip-hop veterans.

The cover was made by Shady Records designer Mike Saputo, and it took him 3 days.

Guest acts on the album include Joyner Lucas, Royce 5’9 и Jessie Reyez.

And another thing for comic book and super hero fans like me, the last track, “Venom” is a soundtrack for the upcoming Marvel film of the same name.

You could tell that this is a classic Shady record, cause we have skits with Paul Rosenberg Eminem to make the album even more fun and entertaining.

The Production is done by Boi-1da, Luis Resto, Tay Keith and Mike WiLL Made-It. Do you remember photos of Mike with Eminem and Dr. Dre at the studio? That’s where “Kamikaze» has its roots.

The Album is inspired by critics of Marshall’s previous album Revival. He decided to address all of the criticism.

So who’s Eminem’s tartget?

Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks, who trashed the album on «Everyday Struggle» with Nadeska Alexis are number one on the list.

Others include MGK, Tyler The Creator and Drake.

Politicians did not get a break either: Donald Trump and Mike Pence are featured on the album.

Eminem probably probably goes the hardest at the Lil’s of the modern hip-hip industry: Lil Pump, Lil Yachty, Lil Xan.

Everyone must have loved the album, cause during the first 12 hours Em’s new record confidently took over the top spots of streaming services in dozens of countries.
iTunes, for example, had Kamikaze on first place in 87 countries! Only 14 albums on Itunes have managed to conquer the charts of more than 100 countries, Eminem’s Kamikaze made history by leading Itunes charts in 102 countries.

The first week of sales sees the following results:

Kamikaze sold the most among others and is the first album on the list with over 410 000 units sold.

Kamikaze didn’t start selling physical units until September 7th, so, virtually, these numbers represent only streaming and digital sales

Kamikaze brings Eminem another accolade, it’s his 9th consecutive album to debut on the top of the UK charts. This makes Eminem the only artist to achieve such success.

We will have detailed reviews of the album from editors soon, so we won’t go deep into Em’s lyrics for now. By the way, one of our reviews is out now, check the link in the description.

And now let’s touch upon a couple of interesting topics.

At the end of the Revival Tour Eminem announced a collab merch collection with Rag & Bone. This collection has a remarkable t-shirt which Kamikaze written on it. As we know now, this was a teaser of the upcoming album, but nobody noticed it this time, unlike the Revival promo.

September 5th, also without no promo or notice, Em released a video for the single Fall from the Kamikaze album. In new video Em is running away from critics, unsatisfied fans and paparazzi. In the end of the video Em is possessed by an evil entity, with his eyes turning into a dark abyss.

So, Marshall’s «Kamikaze» is a bomb aimed to eradicate everything that’s been bothering him these last couple of years – from Donald Trump to hip-hop’s new generation.

Eminem left nothing standing.

Kamikaze went not without repercussions. There’s no smoke without fire. But Marshall was ready for it, the title of the album speaks for that.

MGK, who suffered most from Marshall’s attacks recorded a diss-track to retaliate at Slim Shady. We will go with Bizzare on this one, it was a good diss and it’s good for hip-hop. We’ll see if Eminem’s radar picks up this jab at him or not.

Joe Budden also wasn’t too happy with Marshall going at him. Although Joe is still signed to Shady Records as a member of Slaughterhouse and is supposed to be grateful, as Shady basically gave him a shot at stardom, when Joe was co-hosting Everyday Struggle on Complex, he suddenly started voicing his unapproval of several tracks from Revival and overall of the whole album. Unsurprisingly, Joe didn’t like this album either.

Joe decided to answer Shady’s call too, by releasing a 3-hour podcast, dedicated solely to Slim.

That’s it for today… Oh wait, we also have an unexpected surprise for you and Machine Gun Kelly, hope you’ll enjoy:

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