ePro News 42: All the most interesting moments of debut week of Eminem's

ePro News 42: All the most interesting moments of debut week of Eminem's "Revival"

What up friends, guess who? It’s EminemPRO. We still got more of that Moms Spaghetti, so get ready.

After the release of Revival we took a little time to focus on our text content, Eminem & Shady gave us tons of shit to talk about, and we tried to cover it all.

If u missed anything that was going on In the Shady universe this week EPRO is here to help u get back on track.

So, morning , December 15, Eminem Releases his album. We’re glad to mention that pirates did not get a hold of the album up until the day before it dropped.

The first reviews were not so positive, but when we really got the chance to dive in, and listen to the whole album, we realized that we got what we were waiting for these 4 long years – a beautiful work from Shady. We won’t go into too much detail right now, but we will post our review of the new Revival album shortly. Look out for it on our website and social media.

As we have anticipated in the past, the release of Revival is supported by a powerful promo campaign that is unraveling before our eyes.

The day before the album dropped, Eminem, Skylar Grey and Mr. Porter visited the legendary BBC Maida Vale studio, where they performed 5 tracks: the first single and 4 classic songs: “Stan”, “Berzerk”, “Love The Way You Lie” and “Won’t Back Down”. Skylar was magnificent at performing the hooks.

Even twitter went Shady by introducing Revival themed emoji-hashtags. We’ve seen them before for special events like the MTV EMAs and Complex Con. So the release of Eminem’s new body of work is officially considered a special event.

Within a few hours after the album’s debut, it made #1 spot on iTunes across the globe. That’s really amazing. Revival topped the iTunes’ list of albums in over 50 countries.

The date of release Eminem made an online Q&A session with fans, the event was branded “Shady Fireside Chat”. Marshall was at home, answering questions live on his Shade 45 radio station. We took our chances, but didn’t have any success reaching Shady to ask some questions of our own. But we hope someday we might just get to chat with Shady and maybe even get an interview from him. Check out the full “Shady Fireside Chat” session on our channel.

Marshall made another appearance and held a small autograph session at the Shelter on Congress str 431 under Saint Andrews Hall. The fun part is that he was also feeding everyone with the trademark mom’s spaghetti. The treat was coupled with some cool Revival merchandise. Em was accompanied by his manager, Paul, and a photographer from Shady. Marshall was giving out autographs and taking pictures with fans. And it all went well.

In other news, Marshall got tired of his old shoes, as it seems. Because he gave away several pairs of the ones he wore at his hallmark performances (Like the Home & Home tour with Jay-Z and the Anger Management ones, which also had autographs from many iconic figures from the old and the new Shady camp. They’re also signed by Dr.Dre).

After getting rid of the old shoes, Eminem visited the Burn Rubber store in Detroit to pick up some new ones. The video from Complex shows him and Joe La Puma having a conversation about which shoes Marshall is fond of wearing. He talked about a new collaboration on the new Jordan 4 Encore shoes and tried to get Paul to buy him the whole store.

Many online publications released their own stories and interviews on Eminem’s Revival. We recommend you to check out the National Public Radio and Vulture stories.

The numbers for Revival’s first week have already come. Without no surprise, Eminem hits #1 on Billboard yet again, with 283,000 copies sold. 192,000 out of them were physical sales. You may say that it’s a poor result for Eminem, but we don’t know what the future holds, and who much it’s going to take to make the record Gold and then maybe even Platinum. Shady’s promo campaign is likely to be made for the long run. There’s still no info on the number of preorders made for the album, while shipping starts in the second half of January.

Complex as usually compiled a huge cover story on Eminem and his Revival. In the exclusive interview Marshall elaborates on the same old topics: fan’s high expectations, the haters, everything that’s going on in his country, his current position in the rap game and much more. Take a look, if you’re a real stan!

Eminem also treated us with a great video for his first single, “Walk on Water”. The visuals are meaningful and very artistic. It’s a great contribution to the song.

We believe that this is not the end and we are to expect more from Revival.

Last but not least we wanna share a rumor that Eminem is supposedly going to perform at Coachella in April 2018. It’s not official, but let’s hope for the best!

That’s it for now, Marshall, Thanks for the album, We are aware that you wrote “Stan”, and we still believe in you. We always will.

EPRO NEWS, We’re out, peace.

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