Finally: Eminem had announced the release of “Framed” video.

Finally: Eminem had announced the release of “Framed” video.

Mr. Mathers had listened to fan’s requests and now he is preparing the release of the video to the most terrifying single of the “Revival” album.

Eminem had just announced “Framed” video, and showed first teaser. Video is made in style of video “3 A.M.”

It is possible that Framed video will contain animated frames, photos of which were recently published in Instagram stories of producer Fredwreck.

About “Framed”:

Eminem has released quite a few horrorcore rap songs throughout his career, most notably “3 a.m.” and “Kim”. The beat, as well as Em’s tone on “Framed”, feels of his 2009 Relapse-era.

“Framed” revolves around a fictional situation where Em is detained for a murder, on the basis of how his lyrics coincidentally matches up with a murder scene, that is under investigation. Em sums it up with these lines:

But it never occurred to me I could describe a murder scene
In a verse and be charged with first degree
Cause it just happened to match up perfectly

In an interview with Shade 45 on December 15th, Em commented on how a beat affects the content of a song:

Framed you needed to rap some evil, like serial killer kind of shit to me, like that.. The beat was so evil, I just had to say evil shit, like fucked up shit. (…) Thats one of my favorite beats ever.

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