Happy New Year! Eminem Pro recalls 2017: Shady moments

Happy New Year! Eminem Pro recalls 2017: Shady moments

Hello friends! We wish all of our readers and subscribers a Happy New Year! We hope the New Year brings you happiness, excitement, and success! And of course we hope for great music!

This past year we had lots of stuff to talk about as it was full with exciting events. We posted over 800 news articles and kept you on the pulse of everything Shady through our social media accounts. We haven’t missed a thing: every story, every premiere, and of course the highly anticipated Revival album. We wouldn’t get this far without you, our friends, thank you for your support!

Let us reminisce on the most meaningful Shady moments of 2017 as we leave the year behind.

This year Eminem pleased us with several guest appearances, including the controversial verse on Big Sean’s track “No Favors” off his album “I decided”. His guest appearance on the HBO documentary “The Defiant Ones” also caught us off guard and became a pleasant surprise. It’s a shame that Eminem’s beard somewhat stole the show on the day of the premiere. And it’s been a hot topic ever since.

Another treat was Eminem’s performance in UK, during the festival season in August. We had the chance to witness it ourselves and give you our first hand impressions of this thrilling experience. These kind of things don’t happen every day, hell, even every four years. We were also happy to finally get to hear Yelawolf’s “Trial by Fire”. He went through a lot to compile this album. It’s finally out, it has a lot to it content-wise, and the themes are worked out great as well. This was truly Yela’s trial by fire and he has made it through.

Trial by Fire also marked another important event of 2017 – the starting point of the Revival promo campaign, where a poster of Marshal’s fictional medicine for the ear canal was hanging in the background of Paul’s photograph of the album CD. This was truly a marvelous and creative way of marketing the new album.

The main event came by the end of the year, and, of course it’s Marshall’s new album – Revival. After four long years we have finally got what we wanted – another masterpiece from the legendary MC that does not show signs of slowing down. He proved to the world that he is still on top of his game, and as he raps in one of his songs “The legend of the angry blond will live on through us when he’s gone”.

Marshall, Thanks so much for this wonderful gift, we wish you the best in the coming year, stay strong, stay healthy, stay inspired. And of course don’t forget to continue to inspire us. We welcome you to visit your faithful fans from Russia and other parts of the former USSR. Yeah, we also love you and we also would love to see you perform here on stage, in front of our local army of stans.

Best wishes, ePro team.

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