ePro News 54: Dr. Dre continues work on “Detox”. All you want to know on Eminem's “River” video premiere, 15th anniversary of 50 Cent's best album

ePro News 54: Dr. Dre continues work on “Detox”. All you want to know on Eminem's “River” video premiere, 15th anniversary of 50 Cent's best album

Hey, stans, Are you hungry? Well don’t worry, we’ve got a fresh portion of mom’s spaghetti for you heading right up. Let’s go!

Without any doubt, the biggest news this week is the world premiere of the video to the third single off Revival, the song River. We noticed that many of you ask in comments why do we call “River” the third single. Well, it’s easy: because it actually is the third single off “Revival” album. First is “Wow”, second – “Untouchable”.

So, the video was released on 14th of February, at 10 am EST. It was available on YouTube/VEVO services. During the first hour video had 450,000 views and made it to the Top-10 of the YouTube Trending section in many countries. Besides Eminem and Ed Sheeran, in video were also starring Emil Nava as Trevor and Sarah Ashley Toups aka Sarahi as Suzanne.

This video not only shows the history of complicated relationships from the song “River”, but also has some interesting additional dialogues. The filming crew did a great job, as usual. If you haven’t seen the video yet, do it now! And if you did, do it one more time, and then one more time!

Eminem released the “River” video on Valentines Day, which is very symbolic. With the video premiere he also started the hashtag #UNHAPPYVDAY and dropped special set of stickers for Instagram stories, called “Anti Valentine’s Day”. The set included a variety of stickers from 8-bit Shady with his middle finger up, to all kinds of hearts with different texts like “Let’s fack”, “Sex Addict”, “Bye Suzanne” and others.

It’s interesting that an hour after the stickers were released, some of them were removed, for instance, “Let’s fack” sticker was no longer available on Instagram, probably due to censorship.

You must have heard by now that nasty Benzino is dissing Eminem and his fans again. We dive that far into it, just check out his tweets if you’re interested.

Some statistics: “River” single received “gold” certification in Italy. 25,000 copies were sold all over country. RIAA had given “Renegade”, released in 2001, a “gold” certificate. Single was premiered on September 11th of 2001 and many years later has reached the plank of 500,000 copies sold in USA. The certificate was officially issued by RIAA on 1th of February 2018.

As for Yelawolf, who spent St. Valentine’s Day with his family, RIAA certificates for 4 of his singles had become a real surprise. The single “Best Friend” recorded with Eminem became golden, so did Michael’s three main hits – “Till It’s Gone”, “Let’s Roll” with Kid Rock and “Daddy’s Lambo”. Certificates were given on the 14th of February 2018.

On 16th of February Eminem had released official lyrics video for “Untouchable” track. Video is made in unusual style, as a Facebook and Instagram app, in which Eminem is surfing news from his E-mobile phone. “Untouchable” lyrics presented as news posts. Go check it out if you still haven’t watched it.

One of the jewels of hip -hop has turned 15 years on February 7. “Get Rich or Die Trying” by 50 Cent can still be heard in some people’s playlists. It has become best the selling album of 2003 and 6 times platinum.

While fans wonder will 50 Cent and Em work together again (and how will it sound? We think that 50 will get the best from today’s Marshall Mathers), 50 just shared his love to a person who promoted him: “This is my boy right here for life. I love this guy he gave me my shot and i ran with it”. And it’s true. 50 Cent had turned his hip-hop career into business, signing contracts more behind the scene than on it.

Last but not least, we’ve got some juicy Mom’s Spaghetti for you before we leave you waiting for another week.

Hip-hop lover have been waiting for Dr. Dre’s album “Detox” for more than 10 years, and now it seems that this long – expected project may see the light. Despite the fact that after release of soundtrack -album “Compton” for “ Straight Outta Compton” movie in 2015, Dre announced cancellation of “Detox” album release, super-producer might have been still working on it. According to ESPN reporter Chris Haynes Twitter, Dr. Dre “ is working on couple songs right now”, which can be a part of “Detox” album, if he decides to release it.

“I asked Dr.Dre if Detox is permanently shelved and he replied “I’m working on a couple songs right now. We’ll see.” – wrote Chris Haynes in his Twitter.

If you remember, Beats founder cancelled “Detox” after many years of working on it with several artist, beat makers and producers, because, according to Dr.Dre, he didn’t feel inspiration to continue creating it. He said that about 20-40 songs were ready for the album, but none of them were released (though we know very well in which albums incredible tracks from “Detox” were used).

Seems like we might hear some new material from Dr. Dre very soon! Remember, how swiftly “Compton” album was launched.

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