Eminem Celebrates Mr. Porter’s Birthday

The wait for Eminem’s new album might be nearing its end. Denaun Porter, better known as Mr. Porter and Eminem’s longtime hype man, has sparked a frenzy with a cryptic response on social media.

Mr. Porter posted on his Instagram account a now-famous picture from an album preview with Dr. Dre and captioned it with “Busy doing what counts!!”. A fan, eager for any news on the highly anticipated album, demanded in the comment section: “Give a date!!” Rude. Mr. Porter’s reply? A simple yet powerful “soon come”.

Mr. Porter Fuels Eminem Album Hype with Cryptic Response

While this doesn’t give us a specific date to mark on our calendars, it’s certainly a cause for excitement. As Eminem’s hype man and a longtime collaborator, Mr. Porter is likely in the know when it comes to album releases. His comment suggests he has inside information and that new music might be on the horizon.

Meanwhile, a simple “soon come” is a masterclass in building hype. It keeps fans on their toes, eagerly awaiting any further details or announcements.

The previous week, Dr. Dre himself revealed that Eminem’s new album is “coming out this year” during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Mr. Porter’s comment adds fuel to the fire, suggesting the release date might be sooner rather than later.

Of course, “soon” is a relative term. But one thing’s for sure: Eminem fans around the world are now on high alert, dissecting Mr. Porter’s words and eagerly awaiting any further news. With Dr. Dre’s confirmation and Mr. Porter’s cryptic message, it seems safe to say that new Eminem music is definitely coming. The question remains: how soon will “soon” be?

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