Being featured on Eminem’s song that he co-wrote, Blanco is happy to point out its success.

“Gnat”, the only official single from Marshall’s most recent release, understandable sails ahead of other album numbers with a whooping number of 19.7 million streams on Spotify. “Zeus” with 10.7 million streams, however, finally jumped ahead of “Black Magic” that initially was the most popular song on the album and now moved down to the third position with 10.2 million Spotify plays.

White Gold took to Twitter to share his joy. He wrote:

Zeus is now the second most played song on Side B after the single Gnat

“Zeus”, tightly packed with references to current events, attracted recently a lot of attention, being in the heart of what almost become the beef between Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Fortunately, the tension seems to come down, according to multiple sources that include Snoop himself.

Listen to “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B” below: