Eminem's “Without Me” Has Surpassed 800M Views on YouTube

Iconic visuals for “Without Me” have become Em’s third music video to earn 1.8 billion views.

“Love The Way You Lie” feat. Rihanna (2.7 billion) and “Not Afraid” (1.81 billion)made it to this milestone earlier while being released later. However, the popularity of “Without Me” doesn’t seem to wane. Just recently, it overtook “Mockingbird” as the most streamed Eminem song on Spotify, and now it has regained its position on YouTube as well.

It might even surge in streams soon, as one of the characters from the video, Rap Boy, has become available in a massively popular free multiplayer video game Fortnite.

Watch Eminem — “Without Me” official music video below:

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