Eminem Abu Dhabi 2019

The hottest songs on the lyrics hub right now are Christmas Goldies or Marshall’s hits.

The Christmas season has started, and Mariah Carey is back on her yearly chart duty. It means that very few songs can compete with a gingerbread-flavoured festive cheer. This task is not difficult for Eminem.

Two of his songs made it to the Top 3 on the daily Genius song chart, only one step behind The Twelve Days of Christmas”, a classic English Christmas carol popularised by Hollywood.
It occupies No.1 on the chart, but No.2 and No.3 belong to “Mockingbird” and “Lose Yourself” accordingly. The middle range is filled with freshly released tracks and more Christmas, while “Without Me” and “The Real Slim Shady” are holding the rear at No.8 and No.9.

So, whatever the weather, we can see that the interest in Marshall’s lyrics is not dying out when days get shorter and the Christmas music gets louder.

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