[Countdown & Fan Chat] Waiting Together for Eminem’s “Tobey” Video Release

Join our today broadcast and thousands of Eminem fans all over the world to be involved in the release of his new video for “Tobey” single. There will be a live chat where you and the fans like you can talk and wait for release.

UPDATE: Videos and music are always released at the standard release day time. No announcements have been made as to why Lyrical Lemonade is delaying the release, but this seems to be most disrespectful to the fans. Premieres should be scheduled for 12am or 12pm EST.

We will update this page as soon as the video is published.

UPDATE2: Eminem Announces «Tobey» Music Video Delay + Watch the Second Trailer. Monday 7/8 new release date. Read on for details!

UPDATE3: Eminem — “Tobey” Music Video Out Now

Disclaimer: The countdown is based on the official release date announced by Eminem. Release time – standard time 12:00 AM 12:00 PM EST as part of Global Release Day

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