Eminem, Super Bowl 2022. Photo by Jeremy Deputat

Over the past 13 years, our page has been suspended by Facebook for the fourth time because their algorithms mistakenly identify us as Eminem. Despite having our own distinct brand and unique content, Facebook’s AI continues to flag us as a duplicate account.

Each time we’ve built a strong community, with pages reaching 1.6 million, 450,000, 211,000, and 98,000 subscribers. Losing our work and followers repeatedly is incredibly disheartening.

Our page is entirely original, focusing on exclusive content and fan interactions that set us apart from Eminem’s official channels. Yet, these differences seem lost on Facebook’s automated systems. We do our job too well and their AI thinks it’s Eminem.

The worst thing is the lack of opportunity to contact support and try to solve the problem where Facebook was wrong in making the decision to tke the page down.

This latest suspension underscores the flaws in Facebook’s reliance on AI for moderation. While AI aims to protect users, it often fails to differentiate between genuine content creators and impersonators.

We call on Facebook to review its moderation processes and reinstate our page. Human oversight is needed to avoid such errors and support legitimate creators like us.

We start anew again now on Facebook Eminem.Pro. Despite these setbacks, we remain dedicated to our mission and our fans.

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