Eminem, Super Bowl 2022. Photo by Jeremy Deputat

It’s been a while since was casually active on social media. And here it is, a random comment on a random post. Or not that random?

About a week ago a short video posted on TikTok by the German The Voice Kids show swept the Internet audience off their feet. A young contestant was singing a rapping Em’s “Mockingbird” combining a good technique, nice vocals, and fragile sincerity. The girl captured the attention of judges on the show, the audience, and now, apparently, Eminem himself.

Among over 14 thousand comments on this TikTok video, the most popular is the one that came from Marshall yesterday. It is just a cryptic emoji with a raised eyebrow but this is actually on point.

Besides the general excitement of seeing Eminem “in the wild” just scrolling through the internet, maybe checking out where thousands of his mentions were coming from there is a slight chance that maybe Marshall is getting more active online on the run towards his new upcoming release. The release that nobody has promised but so many eagerly anticipate.

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