Marshall’s iconic album, “The Eminem Show”, has officially crossed a historic threshold – 7 billion streams on Spotify.

This is a major milestone for Shady, marking the first time one of his studio albums has reached this incredible number on the streaming giant. “The Eminem Show” continues to be a fan favourite, packed with timeless classics like “Without Me”, “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”, and “Till I Collapse”.

This achievement speaks volumes about the album’s lasting impact. Even two decades after its release, “The Eminem Show” continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. Yes, Em’s latest single, “Houdini”, has boosted streams across the Marshall catalogue, but honestly, even without it, “The Eminem Show” was on track to hit this milestone very soon. Since the album met a 6 billion threshold in September 2023, it has been gaining around 100 million monthly streams.

But of course, when the audience’s attention has shifted back to Em’s legacy once again, the album gains over 5.7 million streams daily. “Without Me” surged back up on the Spotify chart and racks over 2 million daily streams alone.

Recently, we celebrated the 22nd anniversary of “The Eminem Show”. Twenty-two years later, the album still stays relevant. People keep spinning it all around the world and find something in Marshall’s music that speaks to them, regardless of age, race, or language.

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