The “Houdini” visuals have surpassed 50 million views on YouTube in just seven days, becoming Eminem’s most successful music video in years.

“Houdini” has proven to be Eminem’s second fastest music video to reach 50 million views, following closely behind “Godzilla”. Back in March, 2020, the Eminem and Juice WRLD fandoms combined brought 52 million views to “Godzilla” on the first week. Now, “Houdini” has 51.1 million streams by the end of the debut week, carried by Eminem’s superpower alone.

This result also means that “Houdini” holds the title of the fastest-viewed rap song of 2024. This achievement speaks volumes about the song’s undeniable impact on the music landscape, both within the genre and across the board.

It is easy to see what is fueling “Houdini’s” record-breaking success. The infectious beat and vintage Shady flow are undeniably captivating, keeping viewers glued to their screens. At the same time, references to Eminem’s iconic career blend seamlessly with fresh lyrical fire, appealing to both longtime fans and new listeners. The song’s energy and quotable lines are sparking countless reaction videos, challenges, and trends on social media, further amplifying its reach.

Let’s see what new tricks Shady has up his sleeve for a new album. It feels like “The Death of Slim Shady” will be explosive.

Watch Eminem — “Houdini” below:

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