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The magic of “Houdini” continues to spread, this time taking over the trendsetting world of TikTok. Eminem’s latest single has landed at No.10 on the Viral 50 Music Chart, generating over 100,000 videos within a week of its release.

This is a major win for Marshall, an artist with a 25-year-long career who manages to stay relevant with a new generation.

Debuting on the Viral 50 within a week speaks volumes about the song’s infectious energy and ability to inspire creative TikTok content. The Viral 50 chart highlights the hottest sounds on TikTok, and “Houdini” is clearly resonating with the platform’s massive user base. Over 100,000 videos in just a week indicate engagement with an audience. They’re using “Houdini” to create dances, skits, and all sorts of creative content. Some might be disappointed with the quality of content, but there is no denying that Eminem’s new music has found its way to all demographic groups.

This TikTok takeover further proves that “Houdini” is more than just a song; it is a cultural phenomenon. It is dominating traditional charts and igniting a viral fire on the platform that sets trends and shapes the musical landscape.

Are you part of the ‘Houdini’ TikTok trend? We’d love to see your favourite videos and join in celebrating Shady’s success on TikTok.

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